Review: Boberg

Next installment from the GBC Bidet Shoot.

Awelowynt brought his Boberg when he came to visit us in a free state. The Boberg is a super-compact 9mm with an interesting ‘backwards’ feed mechanism,

This thing is TINY. If my finger was just a little longer I could muzzle myself by indexing it along the frame.

As far as shooting it goes its just like every other compact 9mm with a double-action-only trigger. Perfectly good gun. I am not a fan of compact 9mm pistols or double action. Nothing objectively wrong with ’em, just not to my taste.

Like the KRISS, the Boberg gets a “ooh neat” but not a “oooh wheres my wallet” rating from me.

Special thanks to Awelowynt for sharing his toys.


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