Review: KelTec PMR-30

The last installment (for today) from the GBC Bidet Shoot.

Erin ( brought out her KelTec PMR-30 and had enough .22 WMR to share.

Lets just dive into this one and let me describe the first few shots: Oooh this points nice-hey nice big bright sights-BLAM-damn that trigger is light-WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FIRE SHOOTING OUT OF THE FRONT-oooh neat its back on target already.

The trigger is very good and almost too light. The .22 WMR spits fire, its a round designed for a much longer gun.

The .22 WMR is not known for its stopping power, but with 30 of them on tap AND a gun that is stupid easy to shoot I think KelTec has another winner here. I’m chalking this one up with my KSG, I won’t go out of my way to get one at retail but if Friends of the NRA has one up for grabs I’ll be trying to win it.

Thanks for sharing Erin!


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