Review: KRISS

The Bidet Shoot for the Southern GBC bloggers let me try out a lot of firearms. This is the first in a series of short reviews of those firearms.

Jack ( brought out his KRISS. It was in the pistol configuration in .45 ACP. If you’re not familiar with the weapon see here:

I’ve been keen to get my hands on one of these. Its a mechanically interesting design and I wanted to try it.

First impression was that the damn thing was heavy for its size. 30ish rounds of .45 ACP and the reciprocating masses will do that. Jack had this kitted out with AR-style backup sights and an EOTech.

The pistol configuration is designed to be fired either tensioned against a single-point sling or with a sort-of cheek weld. The sling seems the best, but it only works if the sling is properly adjusted for the shooter. Jack is as tall as I am but is a lot more muscular, his sling was far too lose to properly tension against. It was difficult to make shots like this. The other hold was with an AR-like cheek weld with just the front of your cheek. This was more accurate, but rather awkward. I constantly worried about turning sideways and having to spend more money at the dentist.

The recoil was definitely in a different direction, so it does what it says on the tin. What the KRISS marketing material seems to leave out is that its still recoil that has to be managed. Managing that recoil is difficult when you’re new to the PDW style configuration.

Overall, I still think its a neat mechanical design. Despite this I wouldn’t buy one. It’s just too many new concepts in one package. For my money if I want to launch .45 ACP from a ~5″ barrel and 30 round Glock magazines with a red dot, I’ll get a Glock 21 and a pistol optic.

Special thanks to Jack for sharing his toys!


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