Belated review: Taurus PT-145

This is a backwards review. Its a review of a gun I bought and got rid of over a year ago.

My second pistol was a Taurus PT-145. I had been looking for a Glock 30 or 36, but the Taurus was cheaper and still 10 rounds of .45 ACP. I found one used at my home range (Knob Creek), rented it and fed a box of ammo thru it. It was used for $300 or $350 at least $100 less than a Glock and basically the same gun. Whats not to like?

Well things went well initially. The Heine Straight-8 sights are quite good and my scores at the pistol competition immediately improved. It digested any ammo I could feed it, until I started reloading. The Taurus was very inconsistent about setting of standard reloads. The Springfield 1911 would eat anything I could fit in the barrel, but the Taurus would light strike maybe 5 rounds out of 100. It was killing my scores.

I did replace the striker spring, no joy there. I wasn’t going to wait 6 weeks and send the gun back to Taurus. Another shooter at the pistol club bought a brand new PT-111 and it was light striking out of the box. I’m of the opinion that Taurus’ “second-strike” feature is really a tacit admission that the gun won’t consistently light the rounds off.

What finally made me get rid of it was winning a Kimber Custom II from Friends of the NRA. I traded the Taurus straight up for a Ceiner .22 conversion for the 1911. That’ll be a different post…

Buying extra mags was an adventure too. Taurus and ProMag make mags for it, ProMags are known to suck and Taurus redesigned the mag and the first iteration is also rumored to suck.

Now I’ve handled and shot other Taurus firearms. Their 1911s and 92 clones aren’t bad and others seem to like their revolvers. However I’d still avoid the PT / Millenium series and I remain leery of any other striker-fired Taurus. I want the company to do well, but I simply can’t recommend a Taurus as the first choice. If you must get one, then rent it first and feed it at least 100 rounds of ball ammo and a box of carry ammo before you trust it and don’t expect it to eat reloads reliably.

I will close on a positive note. The real bright spot of this pistol is the Heine Straight-8 sights. I like that sighting system and it remains on my radar as a good upgrade over basic-black sights.


One thought on “Belated review: Taurus PT-145

  1. I’ve never fired a Taurus semi before, but I like my older Model 85 .38 revolver. However, I’ve checked out their newer models of revolvers, and I wasn’t impressed at all in their workmanship. I found it hard as heck to even cock the darn things for single action fire, much less drag back the trigger for double action. Sounds like the issues extend into their semi lines as well.

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