“The Natural History of The Chicken” – Really about white people problems


I tossed this up on Netflix this morning. I expected something about chickens, the usual handwringing about industrial farming, some free range commentary, and a whole lot of biology. Like how chickens are (were?) in the wild, how they got domesticated, different breeds backed up with some stats on how much cock we gobble in a year, and an obligatory KFC reference.

Instead I was treated to:

  •  Woman on what I would call a Gentlemans Farm in Maine who performed CPR on a chicken
  •  Hippies in Oxford, OH complaining about a neighbor raising chickens
  • A lot of facts presented as pop-over text
  • Overly dramatic music (think Vatican) to an industrial chicken operation
  • A large stereotypical farmer who did a bang up impression of chickens
  • A crazy old woman in FL who has a single pet chicken
  • Constant uses of an old Cadillac with a giant chicken advertising a fried chicken place as a transition between segments

I’m not sure if I’m disappointed with PBS for making this or the hack who wrote the Netflix description.

The most entertaining part was that Dammit Boy seems to think that anything which walks on the ground and is not people and is not our cat must be a dog.


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