365 days since Aurora

One year since 12 people were shot in Aurora today; the only people to have been punished for the crime are gun owners who didn’t shoot anyone

No matter the cause, make sure your grass roots are not astroturf

https://www.facebook.com/AmericanRiflePistol/posts/436823626415034, quoted below** so it does not go down the memory hole.

If any of you join the American Rifle and Pistol Association, I will denounce my non-initiation of force oath to Libertarian Party* and pistol whip you until my gun breaks. You will have your choice if I use the Glock or the Kimber.

At this point I don’t care if they’re astroturf or not. Anyone who has a presence on the Internet and tries to lay out rules like this is a fucking moron and should only be given the time of day by stuffing a boot into where the sun don’t shine and comparing the difference like a foul smelling sundial.

*”I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.

**The American Rifle and Pistol Association (R+P) Digital Safe Harbor

R+P Digital Safe Harbor Policy

In the upcoming weeks we will be making several announcements with respect to the rollout of new features and capabilities of R+P Social, specifically around our core mission as a member-centric organization and social network, which shall include advanced social analytics capabilities—soon to be announced.

First and foremost, R+P stands for fostering deliberative dialogue* among all gun owners and providing each individual member with a voice in this sensitive but vital debate across America. The mission of R+P Social is to provide a safe harbor forum for its members to post their candid opinions without fear of reprisal. As such, we will be announcing advanced safe harbor capabilities and social analytics capabilities that we believe will be well received by gun owners throughout the nation.

It is imperative to our success as a new national social medium that we protect and maintain the safety of each member’s individual voice within the R+P Social Network. As such, we are implementing the necessary Web 3.0 Social capabilities to ensure that each individual voice is not just heard, but protected against cyber-bullying, virtual filibustering, off-topic rhetoric, or defamatory and inflammatory language that is not related to the discussion thread.

R+P will not tolerate virtual filibustering. For example, posting a link 44 times on a single page across dozens of threads will never be tolerated, nor will off-topic rhetoric that is not related specifically to a discussion thread. These sorts of activities will result in blocking those users—which is an action we prefer not take. R+P Social observes a strict code of civil decorum that is highly deliberative within its social network boundaries. These boundaries do not represent censorship, but are necessary to ensure that everyone’s voice can be heard and counted. In addition, the same policy applies across our Facebook presence.

Unfortunately, where debate is stifled by the sheer noise of copy-and-paste posting (virtual filibustering), with no effort made to engage topically in a specific discussion thread; where sincere voices in that discussion thread are either shouted down, subjected to extreme rhetoric by those who don’t wish to listen and intelligently discuss the issues of the day, then true free speech suffers and the fundamental rights of those voices are violated. We best protect the 2nd Amendment by upholding the 1st Amendment. Consequently, the techniques used by a small minority of social digital activists to restrict free speech, and inhibit the voices of mainstream gun owners, is prohibited across our forum.

All posts by R+P members or guests are expected to be on topic, original, and expressed in a mature and civil manner. Posts containing profanity, ad hominem attacks, unsubstantiated accusations, inflammatory or defamatory remarks, “cut and paste” mimic attacks (virtual filibustering), libelous statements, personal slander, threats of any kind, or any form of cyber-bullying by individuals or coordinated groups are strictly prohibited. Violation of this civility policy may result in the poster being blocked or banned and all offensive material either deleted or turned over to corporate counsel for actionable legal recourse.

It has been our intention from the start to validate specific digital assumptions prior to invoking a standard of decorum on Facebook and prior to announcing our posting policies. It was not anticipated how rapidly we would validate all of our assumptions, one of which being that not a single safe harbor forum* exists online where discussions pertaining to firearms may be conducted civilly without reprisal and malicious attacks on free speech.

There is much more to come on the development of our advanced social networking functionality, particularly concerning R+P Social data/ blog aggregation and correlation, as well as our safe harbor analytics technology, which we are currently integrating into R+P Social and other forums.

R+P and R+P Social are here to stay. Our complete R+P Social policies and posting decorum will be further detailed and announced in the upcoming weeks.

* A Deliberative Forum is a forum where all voices are counted equally; where a deliberative discussion may be had and protected across all discussion threads. Authentic deliberation is deliberation among forum members that is free from distortions as reflected above. A Deliberative Forum recognizes that there is always a natural conflict of interest between citizens participating in the forum. Moderation across such a forum includes protecting all membership voices.

* Safe Harbor is any place or situation that offers refuge or protection, for example a harbor considered safe for a ship, as in wartime or during a storm at sea. The implications of Digital Safe Harbor are much the same.