Glenfield Project Part 2

No pics, sorry about that.

Snaked the bore and it looks pretty good to me.

The spare front sight I have from the 795 fits great and looks to be the right height.

The trigger pull is no longer gritty, but it does feel quite heavy. You take up the slack and it just hits a wall. I suspect either gunk in the sear or the flat metal pieces that slide across the trigger group frame need to be cleaned with a detail strip.

Bad news though – I was putting the trigger guard back on and the rear lug snapped off. It didn’t break into the screw hole but the pot metal came apart. Given how the stock fits I think the stock I have is not quite the one the gun came with. The relief for the rear tang on the trigger guard was wedged in or allows the whole thing to be overtightened.

I have a replacement trigger guard from a newer Model 60, but its plastic and a different shape. Going to try and repair the pot metal guard but I don’t have much hope for it being a good repair.

I really didn’t want to restock this rifle. I’m wondering if I can do something like a bedding block to shift how it sits in the stock. I think I’ll plow ahead with refinishing the stock just to say I did it.


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