3-gun match prep.

.40 reloads for the Glock.. nope.. .45 reloads for the Kimber. CHECK!

Birdshot, 2.5 cases. CHECK!

Mossberg or KSG? Hrmmm, I’ll make up my mind later.

AR-15, old one, too damn heavy. AR-15, new one, much lighter, not zeroed. Low on .223 reloads anyway. OH HO, Marlin 336. CHECK!

.30-30 ammo, little low. A few Internet deals later and HOT DAMN I’ve got 5 boxes. One of them are Amish Black Talons (Ballistic Silvertip) bullets too!

So any tips for running a levergun at a 3-gun match?

Any bets on how many Rick Taylor students I’ll beat?


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