What winning looks like

A friend of a friend posted the tired old Brady Campaign ad to his wall stating, “You think that protecting individual rights make this okay, so I thought I’d post it to your wall.” I can repost it here but you’ve all seen it.

I’ve been trying to stay out of this round but I felt compelled to reply. Our mutual friend runs with a smart, diverse crowd and I was genuinely hoping for an actual conversation.

**begin my sermon**
http://rboatright.blogspot.com/2013/03/comparing-england-or-uk-murder-rates.html… – Before you go basing policy on a relatively old Brady Campaign poster ( it lists a physical address and phone number and no web address, that makes it at least 15 years old) you need to compare the methodologies used in each nation to report and count murders. In short England counts convictions, the FBI counts any body which does not appear to be suicide, accident, etc.that radically skews the figures.

You also have to note the sheer number of guns and gun owners in America versus other nations. Relative to the number of firearms in the US. Rough figures are 2M versus 310M both rough estimates. If my math is right thats rate of 0.000004 and 0.00003 murders per gun respectively. Point is, there are a LOT of firearms in the US which barely leave the gunsafe never mind used in a crime nor used to commit a murder.

I guess I’m interested to hear what you’d want to change about the Constitution, the interpretation of the Constitution, federal, state, or local laws on this matter. Our mutual friend, *Mutual Friend Name Redacted*, runs with a smart articulate crowd. I’m curious to see if you can come to the table with something that might actually keep fewer people from getting killed. I don’t want people getting hurt, wether its the 11 murders in Chicago last week or the 6 in California. I also don’t much care if a murder is done with a gun, knife, fist, or explosive. The motive and means do not make it any more or less of a tragedy. Come to the table with something and lets see if its been tried before and will actually stop the problem as opposed to simply adding more rules for already law-abiding non-criminal folks to follow.

We’re all lashing out looking for an “other” to blame for murder. I’ve heard everything from SSRI drugs, mysoginy (sp?), entitlement, guns, sex, autism, the mentally ill, bad parents, bad policework, and consumerism blamed for the Isla Vista murders. California has most of the controls in place that the anti-gun movement wants and this still happened. Individuals took action and escalated a potential problem to the authorities and this still happened . It sucks but sometimes theres not a damn thing you can do.

The shitty reality is that some small percentage of people do not know right from wrong and act out. I know right from wrong and it is definitely wrong to restrict and take things away from many people for the sick acts of the few. Its even more wrong when you realize that as soon as a good man puts up a fight the bad men back down. Most of the usual proposals are going to hobble the good man and not stop the bad man.

Sorry for the essay, but thats my take on the matter.

***end sermon***

The reply from the original provocateur, “No, you’re right. Everything seems to be working perfectly. Let’s leave it like this.”

This is why we win. Protecting rights is a defensible position, we’ve run the numbers over and over, we vote in actual elections, we participate where it matters. The anti-gun crowd can at best poke the bees nest on the Internet.