What winning looks like

A friend of a friend posted the tired old Brady Campaign ad to his wall stating, “You think that protecting individual rights make this okay, so I thought I’d post it to your wall.” I can repost it here but you’ve all seen it.

I’ve been trying to stay out of this round but I felt compelled to reply. Our mutual friend runs with a smart, diverse crowd and I was genuinely hoping for an actual conversation.

**begin my sermon**
http://rboatright.blogspot.com/2013/03/comparing-england-or-uk-murder-rates.html… – Before you go basing policy on a relatively old Brady Campaign poster ( it lists a physical address and phone number and no web address, that makes it at least 15 years old) you need to compare the methodologies used in each nation to report and count murders. In short England counts convictions, the FBI counts any body which does not appear to be suicide, accident, etc.that radically skews the figures.

You also have to note the sheer number of guns and gun owners in America versus other nations. Relative to the number of firearms in the US. Rough figures are 2M versus 310M both rough estimates. If my math is right thats rate of 0.000004 and 0.00003 murders per gun respectively. Point is, there are a LOT of firearms in the US which barely leave the gunsafe never mind used in a crime nor used to commit a murder.

I guess I’m interested to hear what you’d want to change about the Constitution, the interpretation of the Constitution, federal, state, or local laws on this matter. Our mutual friend, *Mutual Friend Name Redacted*, runs with a smart articulate crowd. I’m curious to see if you can come to the table with something that might actually keep fewer people from getting killed. I don’t want people getting hurt, wether its the 11 murders in Chicago last week or the 6 in California. I also don’t much care if a murder is done with a gun, knife, fist, or explosive. The motive and means do not make it any more or less of a tragedy. Come to the table with something and lets see if its been tried before and will actually stop the problem as opposed to simply adding more rules for already law-abiding non-criminal folks to follow.

We’re all lashing out looking for an “other” to blame for murder. I’ve heard everything from SSRI drugs, mysoginy (sp?), entitlement, guns, sex, autism, the mentally ill, bad parents, bad policework, and consumerism blamed for the Isla Vista murders. California has most of the controls in place that the anti-gun movement wants and this still happened. Individuals took action and escalated a potential problem to the authorities and this still happened . It sucks but sometimes theres not a damn thing you can do.

The shitty reality is that some small percentage of people do not know right from wrong and act out. I know right from wrong and it is definitely wrong to restrict and take things away from many people for the sick acts of the few. Its even more wrong when you realize that as soon as a good man puts up a fight the bad men back down. Most of the usual proposals are going to hobble the good man and not stop the bad man.

Sorry for the essay, but thats my take on the matter.

***end sermon***

The reply from the original provocateur, “No, you’re right. Everything seems to be working perfectly. Let’s leave it like this.”

This is why we win. Protecting rights is a defensible position, we’ve run the numbers over and over, we vote in actual elections, we participate where it matters. The anti-gun crowd can at best poke the bees nest on the Internet.

3-gun match prep.

.40 reloads for the Glock.. nope.. .45 reloads for the Kimber. CHECK!

Birdshot, 2.5 cases. CHECK!

Mossberg or KSG? Hrmmm, I’ll make up my mind later.

AR-15, old one, too damn heavy. AR-15, new one, much lighter, not zeroed. Low on .223 reloads anyway. OH HO, Marlin 336. CHECK!

.30-30 ammo, little low. A few Internet deals later and HOT DAMN I’ve got 5 boxes. One of them are Amish Black Talons (Ballistic Silvertip) bullets too!

So any tips for running a levergun at a 3-gun match?

Any bets on how many Rick Taylor students I’ll beat?

A warning missive to the Minivandian

Great Lord Minivandian of The Great House to the East,

My tribe has foolishly squandered our supplies of bread, milk, and eggs. Wife-With-Knives-On-Her-Feet felt the tribe needed a hearty meal of Toast as made by the Gauls and perfected by Martha of Steward House to ward off the dire cold blowing in from the land of geese and hockey.

I implore your clan to ration their staples of bread and milk and eggs in the coming days. The magic elf boxes used by my tribe declare that your children shall not be attending their place of learning. The kings roads are becoming treacherous. Not from the ice from the sky but from the Fools of the lesser houses who have been dispatched on errands far too late for them to return safely. I am deeply concerned that your steeds, though noble, are not up to the task of warding the moronic hordes while gathering more bread, milk, and eggs.

A new training tool from the police forces of New Mexico…


Just in case you don’t get the joke: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/11/12/new-mexico-woman-claims-federal-agents-conducted-invasive-body-cavity-search-for-drugs-without-a-warrant/

When your “War on $THING” has escalated to the point of doing cavity searches to find trivial amounts even AFTER witnessing a bowel movement its time to re-evaluate your strategy.

Glenfield Project Part 2

No pics, sorry about that.

Snaked the bore and it looks pretty good to me.

The spare front sight I have from the 795 fits great and looks to be the right height.

The trigger pull is no longer gritty, but it does feel quite heavy. You take up the slack and it just hits a wall. I suspect either gunk in the sear or the flat metal pieces that slide across the trigger group frame need to be cleaned with a detail strip.

Bad news though – I was putting the trigger guard back on and the rear lug snapped off. It didn’t break into the screw hole but the pot metal came apart. Given how the stock fits I think the stock I have is not quite the one the gun came with. The relief for the rear tang on the trigger guard was wedged in or allows the whole thing to be overtightened.

I have a replacement trigger guard from a newer Model 60, but its plastic and a different shape. Going to try and repair the pot metal guard but I don’t have much hope for it being a good repair.

I really didn’t want to restock this rifle. I’m wondering if I can do something like a bedding block to shift how it sits in the stock. I think I’ll plow ahead with refinishing the stock just to say I did it.

Glenfield Project Part 1

Soooo I apparently still have a blog.

Its the off season, aside from modern gun season for deer the Friends of the NRA are on break, the local pistol club is down to one match a month, and the guys aren’t what you’d call winter people. I went looking for a project.

The effort started with a Marlin 336 with a cracked stock. That took like 20 minutes to fix with some guidance from an expert friend. Then Court Days happened. For those of you not from around here, Court Days is a big town fair event in Mt. Sterling, KY. Its got your usual fair fare plus 4 blocks of guys buying and selling gun stuff. There are some deals to be had, everything is negotiable, and its a considerably different crowd than what you get at big city gun shows. Its a lot of fun and a great weekend.

While there I was being tight. I had money in the gun fund but just got the Marlin I also got a sweet deal on some ammo with price tags from 2010. Right near the end of a rainy Saturday some dude comes a walkin’ by with a beat to hell Glenfield Model 60. He had $100 on it, I was hoping for $40 but we struck a deal at $50. Its in shootable condition, but really really rough. I’m already intimately familiar with the Model 60, my first rifle was a Marlin Model 60 and I did my Appleseed with a 795. The 795 is the same action except with awful magazines instead of a tube. I also have the habit of detail stripping guns to see how they work and the 60/795 action is quite awkward to tear down.

So the good:

  • The rifle is in functional shootable condition
  • The rifle is common and very easy to find both replacement and upgrade parts for
  • It was $50. I’ve spent more money on far more wasteful and foolish endeavors
  • It is rough enough to give me a number of hours in the workshop instead of in front of a screen

The work:

  • Cleaning
  • It’ll need a new front sight, I think I have a spare from when I upgraded my 795 to Tech Sights
  • It needs a rear sight elevator. I could let the one from my 795 carry over
  • Buttplate is from an H&R
  • The stock needs completely refinished, someone started sanding and stopped
  • Probably due for some internals, maybe a firing pin, mainspring and possibly a bolt
  • Stock refinishing, I’m not totally new to woodwork but I often lack the patience to do good finish work. Preserving the carving on this should be an interesting challenge.


  • Return it to a usable rifle. The 60 is a solid reliable design and a good shooting rifle. It needs to keep being that.
  • Keep it looking nice. I’m leaning towards a green stain, but we’ll see if we can save the carving work first.
  • Learn something. I will not be turning my own barrel, but I will be doing more than bolting AR parts together.
  • Not spend a lot of money on the project. No reason to throw $300 in parts at a $50 shooter just because I was bored over the winter.

If you happen to have any odds and ends Marlin 60 bits or a buttplate for a 1950’s 336 holler at me. If you need a random buttplate from an H&R something its yours.

For our next installment you should see me making some progress on the stock. Pics below…

Laid out on the bench


Totally inappropriate buttplate. I hope to preserve the squirrel carving


Bottom of the stock was sanded down. Someones name was carved in it.


They apparently do not sell Hoppes #9 or CLP in central KY.


The fit around the rear of the receiver is not great. Not sure how to fix this.


Hosed it down with CLP and let it drain out.


Wiping, scraping, and more CLP.


Tonks seemed interested. Not sure if CLP fumes float or sink, so lets not make any assumptions here.

Tactical Cat Inspects the 60

No matter the cause, make sure your grass roots are not astroturf

https://www.facebook.com/AmericanRiflePistol/posts/436823626415034, quoted below** so it does not go down the memory hole.

If any of you join the American Rifle and Pistol Association, I will denounce my non-initiation of force oath to Libertarian Party* and pistol whip you until my gun breaks. You will have your choice if I use the Glock or the Kimber.

At this point I don’t care if they’re astroturf or not. Anyone who has a presence on the Internet and tries to lay out rules like this is a fucking moron and should only be given the time of day by stuffing a boot into where the sun don’t shine and comparing the difference like a foul smelling sundial.

*”I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.

**The American Rifle and Pistol Association (R+P) Digital Safe Harbor

R+P Digital Safe Harbor Policy

In the upcoming weeks we will be making several announcements with respect to the rollout of new features and capabilities of R+P Social, specifically around our core mission as a member-centric organization and social network, which shall include advanced social analytics capabilities—soon to be announced.

First and foremost, R+P stands for fostering deliberative dialogue* among all gun owners and providing each individual member with a voice in this sensitive but vital debate across America. The mission of R+P Social is to provide a safe harbor forum for its members to post their candid opinions without fear of reprisal. As such, we will be announcing advanced safe harbor capabilities and social analytics capabilities that we believe will be well received by gun owners throughout the nation.

It is imperative to our success as a new national social medium that we protect and maintain the safety of each member’s individual voice within the R+P Social Network. As such, we are implementing the necessary Web 3.0 Social capabilities to ensure that each individual voice is not just heard, but protected against cyber-bullying, virtual filibustering, off-topic rhetoric, or defamatory and inflammatory language that is not related to the discussion thread.

R+P will not tolerate virtual filibustering. For example, posting a link 44 times on a single page across dozens of threads will never be tolerated, nor will off-topic rhetoric that is not related specifically to a discussion thread. These sorts of activities will result in blocking those users—which is an action we prefer not take. R+P Social observes a strict code of civil decorum that is highly deliberative within its social network boundaries. These boundaries do not represent censorship, but are necessary to ensure that everyone’s voice can be heard and counted. In addition, the same policy applies across our Facebook presence.

Unfortunately, where debate is stifled by the sheer noise of copy-and-paste posting (virtual filibustering), with no effort made to engage topically in a specific discussion thread; where sincere voices in that discussion thread are either shouted down, subjected to extreme rhetoric by those who don’t wish to listen and intelligently discuss the issues of the day, then true free speech suffers and the fundamental rights of those voices are violated. We best protect the 2nd Amendment by upholding the 1st Amendment. Consequently, the techniques used by a small minority of social digital activists to restrict free speech, and inhibit the voices of mainstream gun owners, is prohibited across our forum.

All posts by R+P members or guests are expected to be on topic, original, and expressed in a mature and civil manner. Posts containing profanity, ad hominem attacks, unsubstantiated accusations, inflammatory or defamatory remarks, “cut and paste” mimic attacks (virtual filibustering), libelous statements, personal slander, threats of any kind, or any form of cyber-bullying by individuals or coordinated groups are strictly prohibited. Violation of this civility policy may result in the poster being blocked or banned and all offensive material either deleted or turned over to corporate counsel for actionable legal recourse.

It has been our intention from the start to validate specific digital assumptions prior to invoking a standard of decorum on Facebook and prior to announcing our posting policies. It was not anticipated how rapidly we would validate all of our assumptions, one of which being that not a single safe harbor forum* exists online where discussions pertaining to firearms may be conducted civilly without reprisal and malicious attacks on free speech.

There is much more to come on the development of our advanced social networking functionality, particularly concerning R+P Social data/ blog aggregation and correlation, as well as our safe harbor analytics technology, which we are currently integrating into R+P Social and other forums.

R+P and R+P Social are here to stay. Our complete R+P Social policies and posting decorum will be further detailed and announced in the upcoming weeks.

* A Deliberative Forum is a forum where all voices are counted equally; where a deliberative discussion may be had and protected across all discussion threads. Authentic deliberation is deliberation among forum members that is free from distortions as reflected above. A Deliberative Forum recognizes that there is always a natural conflict of interest between citizens participating in the forum. Moderation across such a forum includes protecting all membership voices.

* Safe Harbor is any place or situation that offers refuge or protection, for example a harbor considered safe for a ship, as in wartime or during a storm at sea. The implications of Digital Safe Harbor are much the same.